Application of polyethylene wax

PE wax is generally low molecular weight polyethylene (CH2-CH2) n between 3000-5000, which has lower melting point and lower melt viscosity, which is a good flowing lubricant for plastic processing. It with wax characteristics: smooth to the touch, low dynamic friction coefficient, hydrophobic, not easy to stick attached dirt or make easy to wipe the dirt. It is widely used in the field of ink and paint, hot melt. The chemical property of polyethylene wax is stable, acid, alkali, solvent resistant, not conductive, and has a wide range of applications in food, drug packaging, fruit and vegetable preservation, light industry, daily chemical and so on. Refined polyethylene wax complies with the FDA clause of the United states.
Polyethylene wax can be modified by a variety of methods:
1 deployment 2 oxidation 3 graft 4 chlorinated 5 fluoride
Polyethylene wax can be used in:
Paint, ink extinction, anti scratch, anti abrasion, anti adhesion, anti precipitation, pigment positioning.
Hot melt paint anti adhesion, abrasion, gloss, insulation, oil resistance and water resistance.
Low molecular weight, high crystallinity and low melt viscosity of hot melt adhesives.
Hot melt road marking paint, low viscosity and temperature of stain resistance and abrasion resistance, easy spraying.
The paraffin wax is used to change the paraffin crystal, which greatly increases the melting point and hardness.
Improved melt fluidity, melt flow rate, and improved process performance.
PVC processing of rubber processing lubrication, balanced lubrication system.
- filling masterbatch, masterbatch dispersant, wetting agent.
Emulsion paper coating, fabric finishing, fruit and vegetable preservation, moisture proof agent.
Cable filled thermal stability, high insulation
Bitumen modification increases the melting point and hardness and increases the fluidity of the melt.
- chemical, light, meticulous core component of cosmetics, anti rust agent, floor wax, car wax, wax polish, in
Xerox color additives, medicine pill.
Other application of polishing agent, mold release agent, precision casting, explosive efficiency.

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