Application and properties of the sulfonated succinate

1 Solubility
Succinic acid ester sulfonate in water solution degree is not high and decreases with the increase of the number of carbon atoms, but in organic solvents were shown to excellent oil solubility, fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether synthesis succinic ester sulfonate solubility in water is very good, almost arbitrary concentration dissolved. The solubility of the product in water at room temperature is very low, the finished product is white paste, the solubility increases with the increase of temperature, and decreases with the increase of the carbon chain. With cation instead of sodium ions such as mono ethanol amine or diethanol amine sulphite as sulfonating agent instead of sodium sulfite and resultant products of water soluble are greatly improved.
2 wetting force
Succinic acid Erzhihuangsuanna structure and wetting force for when the number of carbon atoms less than 14, and not branched, with normal paraffin carbon chain growth wetting force enhanced with the increase of the number of branched chain, wetting power weakened. When the number of carbon atoms is greater than 14, the wetting force decreases with the increase of the carbon chain length, and the wetting force is increased with the increase of the chain length. Alkyl carbon number together in 16 to 18, wetting property and can, for example T-70/75/100 (sulphur based succinic acid dioctyl sodium) has very excellent wettability showed good permeability, so that its use covers almost all industrial fields: textile, papermaking, polymers, coatings, cosmetics, synthetic detergent, etc., don't be the synthetic latex, pressure sensitive adhesive foam and shrinkproof hole, daily steam fog agent, dry cleaning, textile, pigment dispersing selected with the t-70.
3 surface activity
With low surface tension and good anti hard water performance and sulfosuccinate monoester or mono amide foaming is better than that of amphoteric surface active agent. It than the same carbon chain length of AES or K12 bubble slightly low, but when succinate sulfonate and AES complex, can show significant synergistic effects, the foam height than the pure AES decreased, but foam stability are especially good.
4 osmotic force
The penetration of alcohol ethoxylates in alcohol carbon number for 12-14 and ethoxy poly composite number 5 best carbon number too large or teenager osmotic stress variation. The permeability of amide type is generally not as good as alcohol type.
5 emulsifying properties
In emulsion polymerization is often added emulsifier to obtain stable emulsion, sulfosuccinic acid surface active agent started to excellent emulsifying properties has been recognized, in vinyl acetate, vinyl acetate / acrylic, pure acrylic and EVA based given moderate latex particles in emulsion polymerization DNS-628, DNS-1035, DBMS-45 etc., residue of less, frozen thawing of, film heat resistant and non yellowing and latex added stabilizer, emulsion products to significantly better than sodium dodecyl sulfate, sulfonate, alkyl phenol polyoxyethylene ether.

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